Thursday, August 14, 2008

About Me!

Well, here I go.  Time for me to get into the blogging world.  Mostly it's a chance for me to think "out loud" about experiences I have being a mom, wife, pastor's wife and a child of God.  There will be thoughts, observations, opinions and questions.  My past experiences will most likely influence my thoughts, but I claim to be no expert on any subject.  Praying for patience, guidance and wisdom, I walk through each week one day at a time.  So here I go, walking and thinking "out loud."  Thanks for coming along!
My passions:  Jesus, my family, family and children's ministry, teaching
My hobbies: scrapbooking and making cards, being outdoors, enjoying afternoon tea with friends
My heartstrings: Grace, marriage, parenting, Neonatal Intensive Care Units and all who work, volunteer and live it.


  1. Hey! Congratulations and good for you. Todd is trying to get me to get on Facebook and my response is "I am on the computer all the time for work. I don't want to be on there all the time I don't have to be working, either!" But, honestly, I think he's wearing me down. Maybe one day I'll be blogging with you! Thanks for the insite into parenting and into faith and family. I enjoyed reading them. Love you!

  2. Hi Michelle:
    I am a Nurtured Heart trainer, a school psychologist here in WI and a mom of almost-adult kids..... I'm also the team leader for a large womens Bible study at an evangelical free church here.... I was excited to see your blog and read how you like Nurtured Heart. I'm just starting to do some parent coaching and love to talk about how it fits in with GRACE! Keep it up!
    Gail in WI