Thursday, March 5, 2009


This week, my Lenten Devotions have taken me to the places Jesus visited and the experiences He had during the time before what we call "Good Friday", specifically Mark, chapter 14.  He is in Bethany, visiting friends.  It is just before Passover.   People everywhere are journeying toward Jerusalem.  The chief priests and scribes are conspiring.  Friends are gathering for the Passover Meal.  Lives are busy.  No one is aware of what is coming, except Jesus.  While Jesus is visiting his friend, Simon, a woman came with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard and poured it over His head.  The disciples rebuked her for such a waste of ointment and perhaps time.   But Jesus defends her.  He says that what she has done is a beautiful thing for Him.  She has anointed His body for burying.  I can only imagine the looks of confusion on the faces of those gathered.  For burying?   Why now?  They are missing it.  They have only a few short days left with Jesus.  They just are not aware.  It breaks my heart to think about what they are missing.
This particular passage struck me hard last night as I read it.  How often am I unaware of Him who is always with me?  How often am I unaware of the opportunities around me to share this Jesus who I love so much?  Too often.  I do not want to be a disciple that is missing the beautiful moments with Jesus.  Life happens so quickly.  I want to soak up my Lord and those He has placed around me here, now, in this place; family, friends, neighbors, complete strangers.
Good Friday is coming.  That beautiful, scandalous night.  I want to remember and I want to share with others the beautiful and terrible sacrifice that was made because of Love.  We are loved.  Jesus loves me.  Jesus loves you!   Let us not go unaware.  Let us not miss this moment to love Him, to praise Him, to seek Him with all our hearts.  We will never lose Him in the way the disciples are about to, but may we never lose sight of how He is working in, around and through us today.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.  You travel towards Jerusalem knowing what awaits you there.  You are surrounded by friends and those who love you, yet you travel alone, for no one truly knows what is about to take place.  Do not let my heart forget your indescribable love.  Do not let me live unaware of your presence.  I love you.

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