Sunday, March 29, 2009


March is ending, April is upon us.  Do you, as I, welcome April as a sign that Spring is getting closer?  As the sun peaks out behind the clouds this morning, my soul sings with anticipation of Spring.  The trees are budding, the grass is greener, flowers are blooming, birds and bugs are waking up, new life is upon us!   I am so ready!   But we are not completely there yet.  We are close, but there are still cold days and nights to be had.  The weather and temperature is still unpredictable.  We are getting closer.
What irony this brings to me as I read my Lenten devotions today.  Easter morning is coming!  The celebration is getting closer, the anticipation is so real, but we are not there yet.  The darkest hour is still to come.  I wonder if God planned it this way?   That Lent and Easter would be remembered and celebrated exactly at this time of year.  The darkest months are passing.  The cold will go away.  The sun will bring us warmth and new life.   Praise God that we can literally experience this change.  That perhaps for just a moment, this season of the year will open our eyes to the precious gift of life we have been give.  New Life in Christ!   These dark, winter days are nothing compared to the desperate darkness which Christ took upon himself, our darkness, our death.  All so we may be given the gift of Grace, the gift of forgiveness, the gift of New Life.  My heart sings for Spring.  My soul longs for the warmth, but I must wait and watch.  Darkness is at hand.  There can be no resurrection without death.  I pray that I may not rush into Easter too soon.  For as I remember the Passion, the gift of New Life will be so much more sweeter!  I pray it will be sweet for you as well.
Thank you, Jesus.  I love you.

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