Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, the 2s and the 3s the 16s...

Terrible?  Terrific?  I've heard both.  Is there really a way to describe this time in a child's life, and the parents'?  Some days it feels terrible, some days are terrific, and then there are the in-between days.  It's a time of independence.  Zachary wants to try everything, do everything and wants it right now.  He LOVES to get a reaction out of you.  It fuels him up.  So I try.  I try to intervene and teach and help with patience and little emotion, except when we are celebrating successes.  It's hard, I admit, but I will still try.  I know he is not fully understanding yet and not fully communicating yet.  He is growing so quickly.  I believe that as a parent it is my job to help him learn and understand this crazy world he lives to respect and treat others, how to be gentle and nice, how to love and help, and how to express emotions and wants in a healthy way.  And I know it will not end when he turns 3 or 16.  This is a time of exploration and independence, but isn't all life this way?   When I really think about it, I am going on 38 and I haven't mastered all this yet either.  So I continue to try with patience and love, knowing that there will be rough days, but hoping that through it all he will grow to love and respect others and this world in which he lives.  And as I work with him, may I be reminded to do the same.   Bless us, Lord as we try.

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