Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to find balance...again.

Work_life_balance_sign-2 Why is it so easy to feel like you are so unbalanced?  Even when I know that if I take time every day to pray and seek the Lord's direction for my day, I will find peace amidst craziness, I still don't do it.  Then it seems I get to that place where I am drowning in it all.  Ughhhhhh.  I sat today in quiet during nap time.  My windows were open as the most beautiful breeze of the season swept through my living room.  I opened my Bible and devotional and read.  And here I sit now, with a peace I have been searching for today.  Just giving it all over to Jesus does it every time, yet I still go day after day without doing just that.  It's crazy!  Of course, Jesus tells us in this life we will have trouble, but He reminds us that He has overcome this world!  He is our strength and our peace.  We will only find it in Him.  Some days I need a brick to knock me over the head to remind me, but it is so true.  Today I am thankful for the still small voice of God that entered my stormy heart and whispered, "Be still and know that I am God."   May you find that peace today and every day.  I know I will still have days that will pile up to that drowning feeling.  How humbled I am that we have a God who loves us unconditionally, always and forever.  We are forgiven and we are set free.  Amen!

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