Saturday, June 26, 2010

Discovery Time

I have decided that I need to be more intentional about planning activities with Zachary, so I have started Discovery Time.
Sometimes it will be educational and fun
and sometimes it will be just plain messy and fun.
This was one of those messy and fun days!
Can you tell by his face that he had fun?
The cool thing was,
we both did.

One thing that fills my heart with joy the most is watching my son have fun.  
When he exclaims,
"Mommy, look what I did!"
And I say "It's so beautiful, Zachary, I love it!"
And he replies, "Thanks!",
My heart melts.
Or when I say, "Wow, Zachary, you are so creative!"
and he replies, "Yes, I am creative!",
I can't help but laugh.

He is just at an age where he is so curious, so adventurous and so wanting to do things.
So here comes Discovery Time.
It's going to be so much fun!  I can hardly wait myself!

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