Monday, June 7, 2010


 noun - 
( provisions) supplies of food, drink, or equipment, esp. for a journey.

verb -
to supply with food, drink, or equipment, esp. for a journey 

Our beach house rocked!  It was just awesome!  
4 bedrooms, 3 full baths,
 a large open kitchen with a huge round table we all could fit at
a nice family room area and a great porch with rocking chairs

We were well provided for at the beach.
It was big enough to be comfortable and small enough to not loose anyone, especially kids!  :) 

But what was most cool, was the laundry service.
No, seriously.  Here is how it worked;
Every morning someone would drive around in a van
and drop off a large garbage bag full of clean, dry linens.
Well, actually they didn't just drop it off,
They tossed it up the stairs.
If you were sitting in the house looking out the front door
you would see this large white bag come flying up the stairs.
It was quite humorous.

Then a little while later, another person would arrive to clean the house
and change any linens we left on the floor.
(If we didn't need new towels/linens, we kept them hung up. Eco-friendly!)
Then they would bag up the dirty linens and leave them out for someone else to drive by and pick up.

So this may seem trivial to you.
But think about it.
The goal was accomplished through teamwork.
The goal was to get each house cleaned and stocked with fresh linens.
One person could have done this, driving from house to house
carrying the linens and doing the whole job themselves.
Instead, there was a team.  The house got clean and they had help.

Isn't life supposed to be like that?
So often I think I can just do it myself.
I know what needs to get done around my house.
I know what my to-do list consists of.
Just let me grieve and move on.
Just let me be angry, I'll get over it.
Just let me carry my worry, fear and frustrations myself.
I can deal with it!  I am strong enough.  I'll be just fine!

But wow, that gets boring, lonely, monotonous and sad...
doing life all by myself.
It can also squelch my spirit and sap me of all my energy,
which does not make me feel joyful and "clean".
My heart gets heavy and my attitude gets crappy.
I know this, but I always seem to let it happen to me.

I need Jesus.  I need the people Jesus has put in my life.
He provides all we need.  So why do I so often ignore that and do it alone?

I have been challenged once again to not walk alone in this life.
Yes, some things I do need to just do,
like daily house chores. :)
But I sure don't need to carry burdens all on my own.
It would do my heart and soul so much good if I would just allow myself to be vulnerable,
reach out to family and friends and ask for help when I need it.
It would also fill my days with so much joy if I take the time to share it with others.

What things to you carry on your own?
Who can you invite into your journey of life,
to be vulnerable with, to share frustrations and sorrows with, to laugh with?
 May the Lord reveal those people of peace in your life and
may you be released of burdens and find healing, peace and joy!

John 10:10b
"I have come that they (you) might have life and have it to the full."

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