Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have been reading through the Gospel of Mark.
I admit, while on vacation, I neglected it, and I missed it too.
So since I have been back home, I've dug in again.
God continues to talk to me through the scriptures.
Shouldn't be all that amazing, right?
I mean, that is what God does through his word; 
reveal things to us, speak to us, teach us...
But it still amazes me.  
Especially because even though I know God's word is that powerful,
I neglect it.
And today I screamed at myself (quietly and in a positive tone);
"Why am I not eating this up every day???"

This week I have read about Jesus feeding the 5,000, Jesus walking on the water, Jesus healing a woman with and unclean spirit, Jesus feeding the 4,000 and Jesus healing a blind man.
Through all of this, his disciples are always, and I mean ALWAYS, worrying, wondering, questioning.
You can hear the frustration and desperation in Jesus's voice when he says,

"Why are you focusing on the bread?  Don't you see yet?  Don't you understand?  You have eyes, why don't you see?  You have ears, why don't you hear?  Are you so hard-hearted? Don't you remember when I broke the rounds of flatbread among the 5,000? How many baskets were left over? (twelve)  How many were left when I fed the 4,000 with seven rounds? (seven)  And still you don't understand?"
-Mark 8:17-21-

Can't you just hear it?  
And these were disciples who physically lived with Jesus.  They walked with him, talked with him, listened to him teach, watched him change lives right before their eyes. 
Yet they still doubted, questioned and wondered.

Here I sit, doubting, questioning, wondering and I hear these words being said right to my heart.
"Michelle, why are you focusing on details?  Don't you see yet?  Don't you understand? With your eyes and your ears you have seen me at work in your life.  You know what I can do and yet you still resist me.  Don't worry about the details right now.  Just trust me.  Give me your heart.  Give me your life.  Let go of the worry and doubt.  Follow me and trust me and all I have planned will happen.  All the details will fall into place.  Just trust me!"

Do you need to hear his voice today?   Do you need to be reminded?  
There is one place I can encourage you to go -
To Scripture.  To God's word.
He will speak to you if you will listen.
I promise that!

I hear you so loud and clear today, Jesus.  
Forgive me for my weakness.
Thank you for not ever giving up on me for I know this will not be the last time I will need to refocus.
But for now, for today, I give it all to you.
May your will be done and may I trust wholeheartedly.

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