Saturday, January 1, 2011


My morning times have been focused lately on seasons of settledness and seasons of change.
Both hit home for me as I walk into a new year.
2010 felt like a year of much change.
Having a baby is a big obvious one.
We said good-by to our Millie dog, another big change.
Church life changed (in good ways),
financial changes... I could go on and on.
Maybe you can too.  :)

But the biggest change for me honestly has been underneath the obvious.
God has been changing me from the inside out.
As I began committing to getting up early for "quiet time" with Him,
(Another major change in 2010! - I like my sleep!),
God has been working on me.
It's challenging, freeing, hard, beautiful.
It's all about how I react and interact.
How I deal with change and challenge.
How I am as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.
Who I am as a child of God 
and how I live that out in my life.

It's all about surrender.

It's a continuous process.
It hasn't ended with the arrival of 2011,
but I walk into this new year with a feeling of being more settled.
It's kind of hard to explain.
For me, it's like having the best warm comfort food
 on a cold winter day.
It's like walking into my front door, dropping all the luggage and sinking into my favorite chair after a busy time of travel.

I am excited about what this new year holds.
I know there will be continual change,
but I am ready.
Knowing that with God all things are possible.
He is my rock, my light, my hope, my strength, my joy.

I pray that you may experience Jesus in new,
amazing ways this new year.
And whether it is a few minutes in the morning,
in the afternoon or the evening,
I pray you will seek him and allow him to change your heart as well,
bringing you peace and "settledness".

Happy New Year dear friends and family!
God bless you!

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