Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time that flies

 made by Bev Jennings

I guess we say it all the time, don't we?
"Where does time go?"

Here I sit.
It is August already.
Was it not just yesterday that I was wishing for the sun of summer?
Was it not just yesterday that I was awaiting the birth of my daughter?
Was it not just yesterday that I was preparing to move to NC?
Was it not just yesterday that I was celebrating my wedding day?

It's just crazy, but it is true.
Time flies by way too fast!

Today I have been pondering that,
and reminding myself yet again to enjoy each day as it comes,
with all the joys and struggles.
For in a blink of an eye, this day will be gone.
All the worrying, stress and running in circles really won't get me far.
So once again, I surrender my day.
And I pray again for peace and joy,
patience and kindness,
love and forgiveness,
laughter and wisdom.
That today I may wrap my arms around my kids often,
smile and embrace my husband more than once,
breathe deep,
and live.

Thank you, Jesus
For the air I breathe and the life I lead.
May I never take it for granted,
and may I live in love,
accepting love and giving love
without condition.
Fill me this day with your presence
and may the fruits of the Spirit guide my thoughts, words and actions this day.
You are my strength.

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