Friday, September 30, 2011

A Fresh New You!

This morning during my devotions,
I turned to Colossians 3: 2-11

Here is what I read;
(via The Voice New Testament)

"Stay focused on what's above, not on earthly things,
because your old life is dead and gone. 
Your new life is now hidden, 
enmeshed with the Liberator who is in God.
On that day when the Liberating King, who is our very life is revealed,
you will be revealed with Him in glory!
So kill your earthly impulses;
loose sex, impure actions, unbridled sensuality, wicked thoughts and greed
(which is essentially idolatry).
It's because of these that God's wrath is coming 
upon the sons and daughters of disobedience, so avoid them at all cost.
These are the same things you once pursued and together you spawned a life of evil.
But now make sure you shed such things;
anger, rage, spite, slander and abusive language.
And don't go on lying to each other
since you have sloughed away your old skin along with its evil practices
for a fresh new you,
which is continually renewed in knowledge 
according to the image of the One who created you.
In this re-creation there is no distinction between Greek and Jew."

There are 2 reasons why I am writing about this today.

1.  Before I read my devotions, the first sentence I wrote in my journal word for word was;
"Today I feel my “old” self returning; 
the one who has those conversations in her head with others trying to justify or argue points."

2.  After I read that passage, 3 times mind you, I returned to my devotions only to realize that it was making no sense.  Then I saw that I was supposed to have read Philippians 3:2-11.

Can you see where this is headed?
I can't shrug it off.
You see, over the past couple of months,
I have been allowing some things in my life to weigh me down.
When I say that, I mean really weigh me down.
I have felt heavy, sad, angry, bitter, frustrated, lonely...
and the biggest problem was that I would not let it go.
I would have conversations in my head with people about these burdens,
specifically the people involved.
That of course, only fueled the fire and stirred up my emotions.
I came home from a retreat Brian and I went on,
filled with conviction to gather up all I had been carrying around 
and leave it for Jesus to take away.
For the past week,
I have felt more free than I have in months.
But yesterday, I caught news of something that began to stir it up in me again.
Please understand, none of these "burdens" are huge things.
They are simply human and earthly things 
that satan uses to stir up all those feelings of worry, self-doubt, bitterness, anger, frustration...
oh, I could go on and on.
Can you relate at all, or am I just a bit crazy?

Needless to say, I recognized it right away this morning,
that stirring and those conversations that begin to take place in my head.
I did not want to go there.
So I asked Jesus to take it.
Every morning I ask Him to speak words he desires for me to hear.

So I am brought to my knees this morning.
When you seek, you will find.
When you knock, the door will be opened.
When you ask, you will receive.
Maybe not always as you picture it happening,
but God has his way of breaking in, just at the right time.

May you seek Him and find Him today,
as you lay whatever you are carrying at his feet.
May you be filled with hope, joy and peace,
and may you be reminded that you are his creation,
fresh and new!

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