Sunday, January 1, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel - Day 21, 22 & 23 - Following a sign

Again, another trio of days that I loved.
The way they tied together and allowed us to step into the story in detail
was fantastic!

This part of the story begins with the star.
This marvelous, beautiful sight that shone in the sky
was one way God chose to announce the birth of his son.
Very cool!

Our ornament was this beautiful star we designed together.
Our Advent Calendar brought us this book.
It's a great one too!

Day 22 was about the wise men who followed the star.

The ornament was super cool - 3 Kings connected together,
but Zachary did not feel much like decorating them,
so we simply hung them on the tree.

Our Advent Calendar brought us 3 kings.
The gifts next to them were actually brought to us the next day,
but this was the only picture I had of them.

Day 23 - The Gifts

The ornament was actually supposed to be cinnamon ornaments
that you bake and give as gifts to others,
but being that it was Christmas week and we had guests,
we just did not have the time.
Instead, I filled the day's red bag with 3 little gift ornaments.
The kids actually really enjoyed playing with them and 
giving them to baby Jesus in the manger.

Talking about the 3 gifts gave us a chance to talk about what they might mean.
Gold - a great gift for a King!
Frankincense - was known to be burned like incense, believed to carry prayers to heaven,
a gift that could have reference to a Priest
Myrrh - a more mysterious gift, but known to have been used as a perfume and embalming ointment used with Egyptian mummies.  Perhaps a gift to reference Jesus being born to die?

Who really knows why these three gifts, but it provided great conversation.
It allowed us to really focus on who Jesus was, 
this beautiful babe born in a stable,
laid in a manger.

Our Advent clue tree is almost complete...

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