Monday, July 6, 2009

The Love of My Life

Who is the love of your life?  My husband is mine.  I love being married.  It is fun, exciting, challenging and beautiful.  Brian's love for me is so much more than I deserve some days, but he never stops.  Praise God!  This life gets crazy hard sometimes, and I am convinced that without those people in my life who genuinely love me, I would drown.  God gives us those people.  They may be relatives, friends, co-workers or neighbors.  They are there.  I pray that you find that love.  Yes, Christ is that love and He does not leave us, ever.   He also puts people in our lives to love us and build us up.  Seek out those people, spend time with them and shower them with love too.100_1846   It will change your life. 


  1. I am so blessed that you have love in your life. It's so important to me that you have a loving husband and a family that loves you. I believe the love you receive is the love you share. And being a loving person brings with it the joy and understanding of what our creator had in mind. I am so proud to be your DAD.