Thursday, March 4, 2010

When we least Deserved it but needed it the most...

I have been challenged this week in what I give to my family.  When do I give them the best of me?  When they are deserving of it, when they are asking for it nicely?   When do I give my son my love and attention, when he is obeying?  When he is listening and playing nicely?  When do I give my all to my husband?  When he is paying attention to me?  When he is sacrificing his own self for me?   When do I give my attention to my daughter?  When she is hungry or crying?   Or when she is cooing and sleeping?

Oh how selfish I can be!

Do I give of myself when my family needs me the most?  Or just when I think they deserve it?  Oh yet, when we were still sinners Christ died for us!  Not for the godly, but the ungodly.  When we least deserved it, when we needed it the most, the Lord Jesus gave us the greatest gift of Life we could have ever imagined.  The gift of life and grace.

Dearest Lord Jesus, fill me with your Spirit that I may give of myself completely to those who need me the most when they need me the most.  Grant me the strength and courage to love beyond myself and my means.  For this is the desire of my heart.

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