Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring does the soul good!

What a week!   
Amazing weather!  

Besides the pollen and allergies, I have to say this has been a beautiful Spring so far.
Almost every day last week Zachary has asked to play outside.
How can I refuse?

As I have sat outside watching Z play and holding my baby girl, 
I have been so aware of Jesus.  He is everywhere...
In the breeze that blows, the flowers that are blooming, the trees that are budding,
The birds that are singing, the sun that is shining...

There is an Andrew Peterson song that says;
"Mary picked the Roses, Jesus made them bloom.
Joseph carved the table, Jesus made the tree."

I am reminded this Spring that Jesus is God and God is Jesus.  
He was present from the very beginning.
He created the earth with all it's beauty and majesty and oh how beautiful it is.
The colors are magnificent and as the earth springs forth in new life, 
my soul is renewed as well.

Thank you, Jesus for the seasons, but especially for the new, fresh life that Spring brings!
You, Lord are amazing, creative and beautiful!

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