Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mommy and Me

I love my kids.  And as much as I love playing with them together, I enjoy those moments in the day when I am one on one with each of them.  One of my new favorite times of the day is in the morning. 
Marin is quite the sleeper. 
I won't boast or brag - too much, promise!
She wakes up between 4 and 5 AM to eat and then she sleeps until 8 or 9.
I have been getting up around 5:30 AM,
working out, showering and having some quiet time.
Zachary gets up around 7AM.
Daddy usually gets him up and then gets ready for work.

Today, daddy had to leave a little early, so Zachary came into my room when he got up.
(I was reading in my room)
We came downstairs, read a library book and sat at the breakfast table together,
eating, talking and laughing.
Right now he is chasing a fly around the house.

Having 2 kids definitely changes the dynamic around here, but I am being reminded about how valuable it is to spend a little time, as often as I can, one on one with my kids.
They make me laugh, smile and just feel good inside. 
And I don't want to forget that they each have special qualities all their own.

One of Zachary's is his singing. 
He is no longer chasing that fly.  Right now he is walking his train around the train table singing...
"Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur Train, gonna ride, ride, ride, ride....the Dinosaur Train!"

And I am smiling!

Dearest Jesus, never let me lose sight of how unique and special each of my children are.  
Thank you for the gift of them.  
May I never take for granted this time I have with them.
Grant me patience, kindness, gentleness and love,
especially on those days when being a mom wears me out!
And on those days, remind me of these moments,
when they make my heart smile.

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