Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Is Good

Today is my Birthday.  
I will admit it.
I am 39 years old.  
I admit it because it astounds me, really.
39 years of my life has passed by.
39 years.
That sounds like so many.  Ok, it is.

It's just amazing to me, though. 
As I watched my baby girl sleeping this morning 
and checked in on my 3 yr old snoring away,
it's mind boggling to know that I was there once.
I was a 3 month old sleeping away in my crib.
I was a 3 year old with energy everyone wished they could bottle up.
I was a teenager, trying to find my way in this world.
I was a college student making mistakes and discovering who I was.
I was a single adult, trying to make a living on my own.
I have lived in 4 different states.
I have traveled the entire western US.
I spent 5 months in Southeast Asia.
I've experienced joy, heartache, trials, celebrations, death, birth...

And here I am, 39 years later.
A wife, a mom.
And I wouldn't change a thing.
Sure there are things in my past that would be great if I had never experienced or done,
but they have made me who I am today.
Stronger, humble, grateful, thankful and forgiven.
I hope my life is only half over.
It's crazy to say that or even think that.
But I hope it is true. 
I have a whole lotta livin' to do!
And I want to make the best of it.
Enjoy it, live it.
Life is hard sometimes,
Life Is Good!

Dearest Jesus, thank you.  
Thank you for my life. 
 Thank you for forgiving my errors, 
for sending people in my life to encourage me, strengthen me and keep me in your ways.  
Thank you for my mom who bore me,
 my father who provided for me, 
my sister who has experienced life with me.  
Thank you for my husband who loves me, 
my kids who teach me, bring me joy and keep me humble.  
Thank you for loving me and wanting me.  
"Take my life and let it be, all for you and for your glory, take my life and let it be yours!"  

And thank you, family and friends, for who you are in my life.  I love each of you so much!

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