Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you just smell it?

The sand, the ocean, can you just smell it?
I hear it too! 
Calling my name,
Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...

Ahhhh, the beach!
We are headed there on Sunday for the week with Brian's family.
I can hardly wait.
Of course, we can't predict the weather,
 but no matter what, I intend to have a marvelous time!

What I am most looking forward to is time.
Time with my family
Time with my boy playing in the sand and building sand castles.
Time to just sit.
Time to breathe, laugh, relax.
Time to take in the majesty of our God through the vastness of the ocean depths.
Time to wonder, time to be filled.
But then I got to thinking,
What will I do when my "time" at the beach ends?
I know it will pass by quickly, time always does.
So do I spend every second of the next few days frantically planning and packing for the week?
Well, I have to do some of that,
but do I need to fill all my time with that?

A lot of the days I find myself looking forward to that time...
when potty training is over, 
when our debt reduction is done, 
when we go to PA for the week to visit my family,
Geez!  I waste so much time waiting for that time!
When I need to spend the time now,
with my family, enjoying my kids, loving my husband,
playing, laughing, smiling, reading, being still, 
and soaking up the wonder and majesty of our God.

I plan to treasure up every moment, at the beach!
I don't get there too often.
But it's also something I need to do even now.  
Enjoy the time that is given to me,
for it all goes by too quickly.

Dearest Jesus, open my eyes to see your beauty all around me.
Help me to enjoy today, for today is all I have right now. 
Fill me with your majesty and presence.
May I soak in the joy of this day with my family and with you.

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