Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel Day 2 - Kingdom

To prepare for the 24 days of Truth in the Tinsel,
I printed and cut out all of the clues and put them in envelopes.
I labeled them for each day.

Then I spent a couple of days collecting art supplies 
and placed the daily materials in red bags.
From there I attached each day's clue to it's corresponding bag.
This way, I have all the materials ready to go.
It took some work, but now I don't have to go scrambling around every night
for the materials I need.
It was definitely worth the work!

So every night before I go to bed,
I place the next clue underneath the Christmas Tree in our school room.
Zachary found Day 2's right away.

And did not hesitate to rip it open.
We read the corresponding scripture verses
and talked about how Jesus was our King.

From there we dug into the red bag to discover the ornament for the day;
a crown, of course.
Zachary chose to paint it green.

When it was dry, he decorated it with jewels.

And hung it on his tree.

Hanging from our advent calendar was our month's memory verse.

There is just something about taking time each day
to bring focus to our Christmas preparations.
My prayer is that my family's deep Joy of this season will not be found 
in paper packages or sparkling lights,
but in the peace and hope that comes with the Saviors birth.

And so we journey on...

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