Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3 was Zachariah.
Day 3 was also Saturday, the day we went tree hunting in the Mts.
Needless to say, we did not get to our clue until after dinner.
It was a full day.
But we did find the clue before bedtime.
I forgot my camera at first so I did not get many pictures.

Our ornament was Zachariah's face with a bubble for his mouth.
We talked a lot about how Zachariah had a hard time believing the angel,
and about who John was and how excited Zachariah must have been
when his son was born.

This was the picture Zachary took of his ornament.

Our Advent calendar that day brought us a Stable.
Zachary was so worried that there was no one in the stable.
I assured him that we would most likely fill that stable up by Christmas.

The following day, I got up before the kiddos like I usually do.
Soon I heard Zachary yelling for me at the top of the steps.
His answer to my "What Zachary?  What's wrong?"

So we all ran into the school room to see what it was all about.
Hanging from our Advent Calendar was an Angel.

And so our ornament took shape...
with some help from mom, as Zachary so nicely captured it.

The angel, Gabriel.

That morning as we were driving to church,
Zachary began to ask me about the angels.
He wanted to know all the names of the angels.
When I told him that I didn't really know the names of all the angels,
he informed me that daddy could look them up on his IPad and let us know their names!

We also talked about how the angels were special messengers of God.
Zachary said,"Yes, God and Jesus are the King so the angels work for the King."
Every time I wonder if all this Advent stuff is really sinking in
or just fun stuff to do each day...

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