Monday, December 12, 2011

Truth in The Tinsel - Day 6 & 7

Finding the clue has for sure been Zachary's favorite part!

Day 6 - Mary & Elizabeth
We read the scripture about Mary visiting Elizabeth and got to talk more about
how John and Jesus were related, specifically about how John came to 
prepare the way for Jesus.

Today's ornament was super cute.
Elizabeth and Mary paper dolls.
Zachary and Marin helped paint them with watercolors.

Are they not super cute!!!???

The strangest thing has happend around our house now.
Both Zachary and Marin walk around with a baby doll in their shirts,
telling us they are having a baby.
A bit bizarre, but at least they are catching the story.
That is what I tell myself.  LOL!

Our Advent Calendar brought us a sheep today,
to add to our stable.

Day 7 brought us music!
The scripture was Mary's Song,
but we also talked about how the Angels must have sounded
when they sang "Glory to God in the Highest..."
We talked about some of our favorite Christmas songs
and did some singing of our own as well.

Our ornament was a beautifully decorated CD.

And of course, our Advent Calendar brought us some fun Christmas music.

Our Advent Tree is looking wonderful and filling up fast.
And we are only on Day 8!
Maybe I should have used a larger tree.

We also started building a tree with our clues.
We couldn't get them to stay in the pockets of our Advent Calendar.

We continue to enjoy this Advent journey.
I am loving the conversations that are going along with it.
(P.S. - I know it is actually the 12th of Dec.
We are keeping up with the days,
I am just not keeping up with posting my blogs.
I will catch up!!!)

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