Thursday, August 23, 2012

Falling into Rhythm

Rhythm has been a theme for me lately.  
It's been amazing to see how it effects our family life.
We enjoy the spontaneous.
We also enjoy the days when there is nothing planned,
nothing on the agenda, no schedule to look at.
Summer has been much like that.
We have had planned events, but day to day was really more like,
"What should we do today?"

A new season is upon us now.  
We have begun our homeschooling this week.
We made up a weekly schedule for our family.
We started chore charts and Family Chore Time each day.
We have begun a new Family Devotion Time after Breakfast.

And there is freedom!
Our schedule does not define us.
We are not legalistic with it.
We do it because it creates Rhythm.
A natural flow of life that we don't always have to think about,
or plan or try to figure out day after day.
This Rhythm includes work, play and rest.
It causes us to be more intentional about family time.
It helps us find balance in keeping our house in order, 
playing together, resting and getting work done.

We still have our days of no agenda, no real schedule.
We work hard to keep at least one day like that a week.
But overall this Rhythm of Life we choose to live as a family
brings less stress, more flexibility, more time together 
and a strong feeling of peace.
There is safety and security in if for the kids. 
It's amazing to see how they thrive with a schedule,
especially when they are a part of the weekly planning.

So I am reminded of how freeing a little order can be.
I know what is on the schedule for today already.
I know what is for dinner.  I know what chores need to be done today.
And even if the day does not go as planned, that is ok.
We can start over tomorrow.
Praise the Lord!

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