Wednesday, June 10, 2009

" Bye, bye, Jesus hand! "

How often do you notice the hand of Jesus in your life?   I tend to fly through days without opening my eyes to see how he works.  There is a large, beautifully framed picture of the hand of Jesus above our fireplace.   A few days ago, Brian was holding Zachary, showed him the picture and shared what it was.  Since then, Zachary acknowledges that picture every day, several times.  Before going for a nap, before leaving to go to the gym or the store, before going outside and before bedtime.  He looks at the picture, waves and says "Bye, bye, Jesus hand! Bye!"  It melts my heart.  First because of how he says it with is sweet voice, but secondly because he remembers that it is there.  Of course, Jesus is always with us and never leaves us, but the point for me is how often I miss it.  His hand is at work in my every day.  I even have a visual representation of it hanging on my living room wall.  So often I don't even take the time to notice.  Thanks to my 2 year old, I am starting to open my eyes!

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