Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Pumpkinleaves I love this time of year.  Everything from the weather to the food.  The leaves are beginning to change here.  The air is cool and crisp but the sun has been out in full with amazing blue skies.  Apples and pumpkins are everywhere and I can't wait to make me some pie!  Zachary and I were at the playground the other day and while he was swinging he said, "Mommy, look at the blue sky!"   It really is breathtaking once again today.  Last night Daddy took Zachary outside to see the stars.  They were everywhere.  I know the days get shorter, it gets colder and darker longer, and the rush of the holidays can make our heads spin but there is just something about this season that warms my heart.  I pray that we all may be able to slow down and enjoy this season with our families.  My goal is to get the Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving so I can concentrate on the joy of the season instead of the blur of it.  I pray that for you as well.  Happy Fall everyone!  God bless you!

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