Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monster Bars - OH YEAH!

In the kitchen with my boy again.
He's getting so good, he knows how to put the mixer together!

The other day we made one of our favorites,
Monster Bars!!!!
Peanut Butter, M&Ms, chocolate chips, oatmeal...
They are wildly delicious and oh so not good for you.
Well, they have oatmeal in them,
does that count?  :) 

The sugars were first and right away Zachary exclaimed,
"Isn't that cool, mom?!"
Referring to the brown sugar sand castle.  :)

His favorite thing to do is crack the eggs.
I think he asked me about 50 times,
"Can I add some eggs?"
Before and after we added the number needed.

the oatmeal

the m&ms

the chocolate chips
He kept telling me and his dad,
"We're using the ingredients!"
Yep, he's becoming a little chef!

Got to take at least one bite!

Ok, maybe 2 bites!  :) 

They are super easy to make and very yummy.
Give them a try, but I warn you,
make them and take them somewhere to share or else you'll eat the whole batch!!

 Cookin' with your Kiddos, it's good for the soul!
Have fun!

(one of several, I am sure)

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